Modernized Trailer: Comet In Moominland

Hey guys,

it’s been a long while since I last added stuff to my blog but at long last I’m off from my hiatus and aching to do some cool stuff.

For starters I would like to do something a bit different to my regular blog entry: a supercut trailer for an older classic film.

Comet In Moominland is a 1992 animated feature film that depicts Tove Jansson’s popular fairy-tale characters embarking on a perilous journey to find information of an asteroid that’s heading for Moominvalley, their homestead. Mainly targeted for young children, the film’s exciting and a little suspenseful yes, but nothing too graphic or traumatizing, especially considering the end-of-days scenario of the flick. My trailer mainly focuses on the drama and intrigue and puts a fresh spin on the proceedings.

I do not own the rights for the original film or the music used in the trailer. You can check the video’s YouTube information for detailed copyright listings.

The video is in Finnish, but has English subtitles, so be sure to click the subtitles on, if that’s your cup of tea.

So what are you waiting for, check it out!

If you enjoyed that, like, share and discuss!

I’ll be doing my regular reviews (fresh Mako Mermaids and the new Star Wars film reviews coming up) and top lists like crazy from here on. Thanks for your support and stay tuned!




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