20 Year Anniversary: Revisiting The X Files – Season 1, Episode 10: ”Eve” Review

To commemorate the 20 years since The X Files saw the light of day I decided to rewatch all the episodes and share my opinions and thoughts the episodes provoke.

Episode 10 Eve Ending Shot Erika Krievins

Director: Fred Gerber

Writers: Kenneth Biller & Chris Brancato

The show starts with a dead man on a swing. He has two puncture wounds in his neck. When Mulder and Scully start their investigations they quickly learn that another man is murdered in similar fashion 3000 miles away. At first I was delighted: “Is this the vampire episode?” Alas, that was not the case. The way the men were killed is not as important as to why.

You see both cadavers have daughters who are the same age and resemble each other quite a bit, in fact they are identical. How is it possible that the girls, though not related, look so much alike and have their daddies murdered at the same time in the same way? Mulder and Scully are eager to investigate.

Fox Mulder, taking glances whenever he can.

I’m  sure Mulder’s eager to investigate something else as well.

Our agent duo discover that the girls were artificially inseminated by the same fertility doctor and the doc lady has conducted very questionable and unsanctioned experiments on the expecting moms. It seems the good doctor (for some unexplained reason) managed to clone herself, and the daughters of the victims are second generation clones. And when then girls get kidnapped, Mulder and Scully quickly deduct that one of the clones might be behind these heinous crimes.

Okay, so this episode is not about vampires, but cloning. And for what it was, it was pretty decent. The twist at the end of the second act was genuinely surprising, and I dare not spoil it here. The absoulute highlight of this episode was Harriet Harris, who has multiple roles in the episode and she is brilliant. I mostly remember her portraying a nerve-wrecking character Bebe from Frasier, but her she proves to be very talented drama thespian, given the chance.

So THAT'S what happened to Frasier Crane's manager!

So THAT’S what happened to Frasier Crane’s manager!

Unfortunately the twin girls, Erika and Sabrina Krievins, who play the young clones fair far worse. Their stiff performance takes the sharpest edge out of the script written by Chris Brancato and Kenneth Biller. It’s obvious what the writers were aiming for but the director Fred Gerber just can’t get the performances out of the child actresses. The girls don’t necessary ruin the episode (their unwordly looks save some of it) but their roles in the show are crucial for the episode to completely succeed. Think the little kid in Stanley Kubrick’s Shining. Would the movie be as efficient as it is if the actor who played Danny were not as good as he is?

"Come play with us, Danny."

”Come play with us, Danny.”

But this episode was still interesting and moody. The second act twist and Harriet Harris’ performance(s) make this episode a pretty solid one.

But could we have those vampires yet?


Best Scene: Harriet Harris confronting the twins.

Most memorable bit: Harriet Harris in solitary confinement.

Rating: +++½ (Harris brings the extra half-star)


Eve 6: I paid too much attention to a guard. Bit into his eyeball… I meant it as a sign of affection.



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