Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 19 ”Where’s The On Button?” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Grant Brown

Writer: Justine Gillmer

Okay, now Zac finally has the trident so we’re gonna see some spectacular shit, right? Well, not exactly. See, Zac doesn’t know HOW to use the trident (hence the episode title), and neither does the mermaid trio have any information about the functionality of the spear, and Zac knows this. The only other person that might possess the sufficient information about the trident is Rita, and Zac hatches a plan to get inside her house to snoop around.

The trident just needs an arc reactor from Tony Stark. Simple!

In order to work, the trident just needs an arc reactor from Tony Stark’s chest. Simple!

Zac shows some cold-blooded sociopathic behavior when he edges his girlfriend Evie to make an in-depth article about Rita in the school paper and she happily agrees. Zac gets himself invited to her place where the interview takes place. Effectively acting on your selfish means there, Zackie-boy.

The promo pictures of the show felt a bit cheap.

The promo pictures of the show feel bit cheap.

This pays up however, because Zac finds the secret chamber behind Rita’s bookcase and decides to return there later on. Lyla almost catches him red-handed, but misses him just barely. Zac walks away scott free, but Lyla’s suspicions awakens, and they are waiting for his return. And he does return, with the trident and he has to confront the girls. Surprisingly Zac’s questions are answered in an unfortunate event where the trident recharges using the lunar power contained in Sirena’s moon-ring. With the trident fully charged (wow, it takes a lot longer to charge your iPhone) Zac makes a quick getaway and leave the mermaids dumbfounded. Now Zac is as dangerous as ever.

That's a mighty big stick, son.

Here reliving the ”Okay guy”-meme.

‘The Trident Job’ was a really good episode, probably one of the best, and as it was expected, the following episode couldn’t keep up the good work. It was good to have Zac finally get a hold of the trident, but it doesn’t make an intriguing show to see a dude scratching his head because he doesn’t know how to use the damn thing. It’s like if the film Krull would include a 30-minute scene where Ken Marshall is searching for a manual for the Krull Glaive. Not very engaging now, is it?

The best thing I could say about this episode is that it was sort of ‘meh’. Could we speed this up, I’m sure there’s some excellent episodes coming up?

Best scene: Hardly any. Maybe the part, where the trident sucks all the energy up from the moon-ring.

Most memorable bit: Meh.



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