Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 17 ”Moon Ring 2” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Grant Brown

Writer: Anthony Morris

The trouble caused by the Moon Ring rises yet again! Only this time it’s not Sirena’s Moon Ring causing havoc, but a totally new one that Zac-Attack finds from the ocean floor. He gives the ring to Evie as a gift not knowing that the ring might be dangerous when wore by a land human. The girls inform Zac about the rings destructive powers and ask Zac to remove the ring from Evie and give it to them. Zac agrees that the ring should be taken away from Evie, but he also doesn’t want to give the ring to Lyla and the gang. What to do then?

"Jesus, put a shirt on, will ya? You're gonna poke someone's eye with those!"

”Jeez, put a shirt on, will ya? You’re gonna poke someone’s eye with those!”

Meanwhile Rita is asked for dinner by Zac’s parents who plan to give a donation for the school. The trio of mermaids get theirselves invited there as well, which makes the dinner party rather overcrowded, especially considering that Zac has brought Evie and Cam along. Pandemonium ensues when everyone wants to get a hold of the ring. Even Rita gets in the crossfire when the feud between Zac and the girls escalates.

"I once caught a fish thiiis long"

”I once caught a fish thiiis big!”

The writing in this episode creates a lot of chaotic situations and it takes a skilled director to hold on to all the threads. Thankfully Grant Brown is on the helm. He does his work admirably, although his fetishes for ceiling fans is starting to show. What is this, “Apocalypse Now”?

Though it is nice to see fans of the show.

Though it is nice to see fans of the show.

Nevertheless, it was a fun episode where the evolving romance between Lyla and Zac is starting to take shape. After all, it is Lyla who ends up with the ring. And you know what’s the thing about rings…

Best scene: The chaos at the diner. The intercutting between the scenes in the patio and Zac’s room was skillfully paced.

Most memorable bit: Rita’s “stiff” performance and the bit where she is being smuggled.



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