Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 16 ”The Truce” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Grant Brown

Writer: Chris Roache

Well here’s an episode that is too convoluted for it to work. It basically uses the same plot as this years “hit” comedy Sex Tape, but screenwriter Chris Roache stumbles while trying to connect the story elements together.

Trouble emerges when Cam uses his new smart phone to film Zac swimming in his pool. Zac doesn’t appreciate having his merman fin recorded (bu then again, who would?), so he asks Cam to delete the file, which he doesn’t, of course. While pestering Nixie by taking photos of her, Cam loses the phone, which forces Cam and Zac to make a temporary truce with the mermaid trio. United, they try to retrieve the phone before someone sees the videographed material of transformed Zac. But the animosity between Cam and Nixie creates tension in the group and might seriously hinder their attempt to retrieve the phone.

Dominic Deutshcer and Ivy Latimer

The results of an abusive relationship never goes unnoticed.

It’s awfully cringe-worthy when characters behave differently than any other human being would in similar circumstances. The lost phone shouldn’t really be a big deal to retrieve, regardless that there’s a sensitive video material stored in it. But like I said, the writer couldn’t figure out how to (or didn’t bother to) create this conflict without resorting to absolute disregard of logic. I mean, just ask for it back, man! The gang sneaks their way into the Ocean Cafe after hours and try to find the phone. There is one funny bit in that scene, where a security guard comes to check around. The girls and Zac instantly turn invisible, but poor Cam is left alone standing there. Director Grant Brown sets up that gag pretty well, and I’m constantly delighted by his style of shooting a scene.

"He's a robot! Cam is a goddamn robot!"

”He’s a robot! Cam is a goddamn robot!”

The one thing this episode had going for it is the progression of character arcs for Cam and Nixie. This is their episode, and they get to bicker to each other plenty of times. At the end of the episode there is even a romantic spark ignited between the two. Personally I wasn’t wholly convinced that the romance aspect was fully deserved, but I really enjoyed what Ivy Latimer did in that last scene between Nixie and Cam. She is awfully talented and she should be more recognized for her work here.

Admire her skills.

Admire her skills.

In the end, the ”truce” hurts a lot more than it should, but it has its moments. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a Lyla-centric episode next. But who knows, maybe they’ll give Sirena even more intimate scenes with David. Maybe he’ll show her his ”curly-Joe”…

"Say what?"

”Say what?”

Best scene: Ivy Latimer giving a brief but talented performance when her character realizes she responds to Cam’s equally surprised feelings.

Most memorable bit: Nixie’s look when she walks away from Cam.




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