Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 15 ”Sirena’s Secret” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Grant Brown

Writer: Max Dann

Like the title suggests, this is a Sirena-episode, but this time a rather good one. Curly-Joe -I mean David- sets up a song audition in the café to boost the sales (among other things) and asks Sirena to participate. Sirena is thrilled and willing, yet Lyla and Nixie are more cautious. They see that there is chemistry between the two and fear (especially Nixie) that they might lose Sirena if she falls for a land-boy, like Rita did back in the day.

So, during Sirena’s audition, Nixie uses here newly-learned squashing powers and squeezes Sirena’s larynx, so her voice breaks mid-song. Sirena panics and runs out of the café.

Fuck all of you.

”Also, your goldfish just died.”

Zac sees the girls interfering and wrongly interprets that they are trying to sabotage David’s business venture. So he uses his powers to control Carly’s inept singing voice to sound superb. But as usual, a few lessons are learned until the episode can conclude.

"Most curious, Captain."

”Most curious, Captain.”

The show uses actress Amy Ruffle’s singing abilities to the full extent here, having her do a couple of numbers in the episode. Thankfully Ruffle gets to do more than sing here. Heartbroken by the failed audition and making a fool of herself in front of Curly-Joe, she recedes to the moon-pool to lick her wounds. Lyla and Nixie see their wrongful ways and try to comfort and apologize Sirena. Meanwhile Evie says something to Zac, which enables him to see that it is wrong to use Carly as a pawn in his own little foolish games. And Cam learns to look even more like Vince Vaughn.

Here re-enacting that peeping-Tom scene in the Psycho remake.

Here re-enacting that peeping-Tom scene in the Psycho remake.

This episode is quite charming. It’s all about Sirena and her character ark is finally (or should I say already?) fulfilled (except the part where she is to be reunited with her sister). I’m intrigued to see where her character goes from here, because she actually has no character conflicts anymore. Same applies to David, who is only there to be make googly eyes with Sirena.

Johnny Cash and June Carter: Folsom Prison Blues.

Johnny Cash and June Carter: Folsom Prison Cafeteria Blues.

What surprised me the most is the sudden characterization of Carly. She has always been a kind of exposition device, being only there when the scene needed someone to have dialogue spoken to. Her character metaforcally gets the short end of the stick here. First she tries auditioning fully knowing that she doesn’t have the singing talents required to make it, yet she still goes for it like a champ. And with Zac’s help she sounds amazing for that brief period in time. She amazes herself by nailing the audition and she is at the peak of her happiness. Which comes crumbling down when she sings for the second time without Zac manipulating her vocal chords. She fails miserably, but she still comes out of it with spectacular grace. Bravo, actress Brooke Nichole Lee, you showed thousands of little girls that it is okay to fail. You showed that it is okay not to be the automatic winner at the audition in The American Idol contest. You showed them that it’s important to be proud of yourself even when you walk out that door without the golden ticket. You showed them that it’s more important in HOW you get up rather than why you fall down in the first place. You’re Batman in my book. Also, I think I love you.

I would totally buy all of your albums.

I would totally buy all of your albums.

Oh, I think I got sidetracked there for a moment. In any case, all and all, this was a rather fine Sirena-episode. And I don’t think the first season has many of those left anymore.

Best scene: Amy Ruffle doing her sad bit by the moon-pool. I’m starting to grow on her as an actress.

Most memorable bit: Cam doing Christmas carols. I guess this is as close as a Christmas episode that we will get.



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