Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 13: ’Betrayal’ Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Michael Joshua

It’s been almost three months since I watched Mako Mermaids. A lot of things have happened during that time. After episode 12 I binged and I purged, drank and lost my sense of space and time. After waking up in a hospital bed with tubes up my nose and an IV up my vein I came to realize the horrible truth. The truth, that I am not a father of two, but only an amateur web critic for a TV-show whose target audience is far from a guy like me. After months of therapy and sobering up I hesitated to continue watching a television show that sucked me into a vortex of paranoia and alcoholism. Why would I watch a kids show, if I never had any of my own in the first place? What would drag me back in the blue world of mermaids? Then it dawned on me. I wanted to know what would happen to Lyla, Nixie and Sirena. The show had intrigued me enough to keep watching. So here I am, once again ready to receive my dose of Mako. But how was the episode that brought me back?

Don't cry, girls. I came back. I wouldn't leave you.

Don’t cry, girls. I came back. I wouldn’t leave you.

The title of the episode ‘Betrayal’ is clear hint that this is not a filler episode as the two previous ones were, and sure enough it really isn’t. Once again full moon is about to rise and Zac Blakely’s nightly spellbound visit to Mako Island is imminent. The girls negotiate with Rita what would be best way to deal with Zac. Lyla is determined to help Zac fight the spell that will guide him to the trident, but Nixie thinks they should let him actually retrieve it and then take the trident away from him. Lyla meets up with Zac in order to figure out what to do when the night falls. Their planning gets them to share an intimate moment which does not get unnoticed by Zac’s girlfriend Evie, who (finally) has had enough and calls it quits with Zac.

Cam offers to help Zac to fight the spell, but learns that his company is not wanted because of the trio of girls already offered their assistance. So Cam gets pissed of even more at Zac and especially at the girls for stealing Zac from him and Evie. When the night arrives it seems that Zac can actually resist the moonspell, but Nixie interferes and against Lyla’s wishes gets Zac swim to Mako. When there the bewitched Zac enters the cave and swims to grab the trident. The girls are forced to follow him. When Zac finally grabs the trident he is awaken from his spell and sees finally the girls in their mermaid forms. When Lyla tries to take the trident, some underwater electricity bursts from the trident and they are all jettisoned back to dry land.

Hugo Weaving in "Priscilla, The Queen Of The Sea"

Hugo Weaving in ”Priscilla, The Queen Of The Sea”

Zac confronts Lyla and the girls and accuses them for trying to steal the trident and expresses his distrust in them. He goes to apologize to Cam and snitch out on the truth about the girls. Then he goes to Evie to say he is sorry for the break-up (but still doesn’t tell the truth to her). The girls try to once more reason with Zac, but they fail and Zac (with Cam being his wingman once again) announce that their friendship is over and he is going to go back for the trident once and for all…

Chai Romruen's Redtube session is about to get embarrasingly interrupted.

Chai Romruen’s Redtube session is about to get embarrassingly interrupted.

Well I have to say that this episode had a lot going for it. A lot of stuff happened and the story took a next step. Character relations changed drastically as they should in a television show like this one. The episode felt a bit more dramatic and cinematic (though still not enough) and generally I liked where this episode went. A lot of little character conflicts (like between Lyla and Nixie) make the show stronger, and characters choosing sides which happened here might indicate a more dramatic conflicts in the future. A special mention has to go to composer Ricky Edwards who manages to make the music a bit more mature and more cinematic. Not wholly original, but that Hollywood-styled energy that he manages to emulate fits the bill nicely.

"Tonight in the Underwater Bachelor it's down to the final three candidates!"

”Tonight in the Underwater Bachelor it’s down to the final three candidates!”

I really liked where the show is (seemingly) going. I actually think this was the strongest episode yet. I guarantee you won’t have to wait another three months for the next review.

Best scene: Evie breaking up with Zac. Gemma Forsyth infuses genuine heartbreak in that scene. Nice one, Gemma.

Most memorable bit: Zac finally gets the trident and learns the truth about the girls.


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