Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 12: Close Call Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Anthony Morris

Like the title reveals, stuff almost happens in this episode. The girls are out of money so Sirena’s skills as a bracelet designer comes into play. Nixie becomes Sirena’s self-appointed manager and she negotiates a quota of items to be sold that Sirena fears she cannot deliver in time. And she almost can’t. Evie on the other hand tries to get closer to Zac and get him to confide to her, and she almost does. And when she doesn’t she almost gets upset with him. And Zac, in his underwater trips to the Mako Island almost gets in the cave he visited before. Also,  Zac sees Sirena’s fin and he almost recognizes her, but doesn’t. Stuff almost happens.

"Hey buddy, put the mouse back in the house."

”Hey buddy, put the mouse back in the house.”

It is never a good thing for a show to have things almost happening. Close calls tend to test the patience of a viewer and usually angers and alienates them further from the show. Shows like Lost and X-Files used to do this quite regularly and now Mako Mermaids jumps on that bandwagon with full force. This show really can’t afford to stop the momentum for a filler episode, because the show is already treading on thin ice. Two filler episodes in a row? Sure, shows like Clone Wars can do it, but only because they have so many different deviating stories the makers can tell. Viewers can tolerate episode or two about Jedi younglings, but do they really have the hots for a Mako episode centered around the lack of currency?

"There's a white woman in my aquarium!"

”There’s a white woman in my aquarium!”

Ivy Latimer does fun stuff as the manager, and Gemma Forsyth has slowly become one of my favorite actresses on the show and her character is surprisingly the most relatable one on the series. Zac treats her like shit for no real reason and his constant lying (and his carefree attitude towards her feelings) is starting to get real annoying. I just hope that Evie would punch that grating asshole right in his face and say adios amigos. Zac should turn into the dark side real soon because his character arc hasn’t evolved since Episode 8.  The actor Chai Romruen has literally nothing to do at the moment, other than search the websites looking pictures of the trident. Not good.

"I'm high as fuck!"

”I’m high as fuck.”

So stuff almost happens. I hope stuff does actually happen in the next episode.

And stop using the power of invisibility as problem-solving device. That’s real lazy. Come to think of it, I think my kids somehow learned this skill, because I still haven’t seen them in a while…

Best scene: The underwater stuff here was presented quite nicely.

Most memorable bit: Nixie’s money-hungry management skills.




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