Almost There: Back To The Future Part II

Almost ThereBTTFII

Almost There is a segment where I look at films that are set in the future and try to see how accurate the filmmaker’s vision of the future is as we’re getting nearer to that fictional future.

It was the year 1989 when Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis depicted the year 2015 in the sequel of their smash hit Back To The Future. Because we’re almost there it’s time to see what was accurate and what is still science fiction.

Doc and DeLorean

First off, no flying cars. So that’s a bummer. Also, no plastic ties, thank the maker.


What is Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) wearing? Is he wearing some future data eye-wear? Or…Google Glass? Yep, I’m pretty sure he’s wearing Google Glass.

Doc Mask

Whoa, Doc Brown went into the rejuvenation clinic of the future! Yep, we have that, and they know their thing.

Nike Powerlaces

Power laces, far out! We don’t have those yet? No, but we might just see them in 2015.

Doc Camera

Doc uses a weird scope / camera that is handheld sized. What is this sorcery? I just call it a regular smart phone with a decent camera functions. Also, why the hell is Doc wearing two wristwatches? Well, the other one might be a smart phone accessory.

Weather Service

The weather service has indeed improved their accuracy in the passing years. And the post services still feel sluggish.


Yep, USA Today still exists. Also, I think Doc just got a Whatsapp message.


Oh my god, so close.

Jaws 19

I think this is the most well-known future reference of the movie. Well of course we don’t have Jaws 19…but we have 23 Bond films, 12 Muppet movies, 12 Friday the 13th flicks, 8 Harry Potter films and in the year 2015 we will have 11 Marvel movies. We don’t watch films in holographic form, but we do have widely popular 3D now. And 48fps films. Jaws 19 is directed by Max Spielberg, the son of Steven Spielberg. Did he became a director? Nope.

Cafe 80's

Cafe 80’s, you say? Would people want to go there? Yes, yes they do.

Workout bikes

Exercising and eating at the same joint? Sure, why not?

Antique Shop

I just wanted to point out that Perrier is considered to be out of business in 2015. Not likely. And it’s funny to think that Roger Rabbit would be a remarkable collector’s item. I wonder what it’s worth? Also, Dragnet’s there.

Michael Jackson

Look, it’s Michael Jackson. That’s odd, he looks fake and lifeless…it’s almost as they knew.

Pepsi Perfect

Getting close. There’s the new Pepsi Next that instantly reminded me of that new Pepsi brand the film had. So it’s no Pepsi Perfect yet. But you can join the Facebook-group and give your support for this happening. And I’m pretty sure the guys at Pepsi know what they’re doing. It’ll come. Also, it better come in that awesome Pepsi glass / bottle.

Wild Gunman

Retro games? Hell, we’re all seriously into retro gaming!

Future Kids

Those weird looking future kids are way over the top, aren’t they? But there’s one detail the film makers absolutely got right. You see it? No? Look again at their space caps. The brims are flat. They’re definitely the New Era of caps. Oh, and it looks like Frodo’s high and his buddy is angry about it.

Future Slurpee

Mattel hasn’t released a hoverboard yet, at least a working one. Also, I’m not talking about the fact that she ”has a Pitbull now!”, although we do have an excisting Pitbull gracing our lives. No, I’m not concerned about the hoverboards. But I am interested that the girl in the middle is drinking something…a slurpee. And if the recent trend of younger and younger consumers like to drink almost exclusively those moronic energy drinks, it makes me to believe that what she drinks is an energy-Slurpee.


So, the Smurfs are still a thing in the year 2015. Yes, it would appear to be so. Also, Taxi is still on TV, thanks to reruns (”what’s a rerun?”).

TV for a change

Spot on, McFly. The filmmakers absolutely nailed this line. Also that television looks like a regular 40″ Philips  LCD Flat Screen TV.


Now that looks like more like a 58″ Smart TV with an active Skype-conversation going on. Also fuck you Needles. You are an asshole.

Facebook stats

Sharing personal information online there, Needles? How very Facebook of you. Also, dual ties are not a thing yet.

Oculus Rift

Marty McFly Jr. using Oculus Rift. He’s propably checking Griff’s arrest-heavy Facebook status update.

Visa Electron

What is the cabby driver using to get his payment? Why isn’t that a card payment terminal? Although not so popular yet, biometric fingerprint payment terminals do exist. Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis predicted even the look of the machine pretty accurately. Well done, guys.

Elizabet Shue 2015

Lastly, there’s Elizabeth Shue’s 2015 prosthetic make-up. Does Elizabeth Shue really look like that nowadays? No. In fact, according to this photo from the Los Angeles premiere of Chasing Mavericks, she looks great.

So there you have it. Leave comments and suggestions for another ”Almost There” segment!




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