Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 11: I Don’t Believe In Mermaids

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Max Dann

THUMP! That was the sound of this episode falling on its face. The problem with regular TV programming is the quantity of the episodes the network has to provide for serialized television programs. It is simply too much for a season arc to remain interesting for 24 episodes (even if it lasts only 23 minutes) and the screenwriters just have to write filler episodes to stretch the main plot to last for the whole season. And now when the new standard in the number of episodes in a season is starting to be the surprisingly effective 13 (like Hannibal, House Of Cards and Game Of Thrones), the filler episodes feel poignantly unnecessary. “I Don’t Believe in Miracles” is by far the worst filler episode Mako Mermaids has had during its run.

"Dude, wheres' my car?"

”Where did I park?”

After the events on the Mako Island things have calmed down (to a screeching halt) for the trio. Nixie, the funny one of the group suddenly faces her buried feelings about the pod abandoning them, and gets depressed (with the shows composer going American Beauty on our asses). She distances herself from Lyla and Sirena and spends time alone wandering around the docks. There she meets Ben, a boy who has first world problems with his (perfect) parents. You see his folks are taking the boy for a boat ride around the world in the most beautiful places on Earth, but Ben doesn’t want any of that and whines about the trip and refuses to do what his parents tell him to do. And then the motherfucker runs off…

Amy Ruffle is as exhilarated by this week's episode as I am.

Amy Ruffle is as exhilarated by this week’s episode as I am.

Meanwhile Zac ponders his time at Mako Island and wonders about the mysterious object (it’s a trident…) he saw there. He draws it (the trident…) on a napkin and asks Lyla to help him to find out what it is (IT’S A FUCKING TRIDENT, IDIOT!). Rita opens up to the girls and tells them a legend about a merman who gets the Trident of Power and went full asshole with it. There supposedly was a huge battle where some mermaids restored the balance to the force, or something in the same effect, and it would be cool to see this story. Maybe Rita is referencing the previous show H2O: Just Add Water in her story, where it had a kick ass end battle. I don’t know, but one can hope. Lyla tries to calm Zac down, but with the aid with his buddy Cam, Zac finds out that the trident was actually…a trident! Nice deduction there, Sherlock.

Nixie feels extra burdened by the disappearance of Ben and goes to search him. He finds him in the same exact place where he last saw him (kids always tend to run very short distances from home) and reveals her mermaid-ness to him which makes him change his mind about the trip and he goes back and makes amends with his parents. And Nixie’s blues ends. No, really.

It's nice to know there is a spare Kevin Bacon brewing in the world.

It’s nice to know there is a spare Kevin Bacon brewing in the world.

Oh man, this week’s episode was not good. The mystery of the trident is ridiculous attempt to strecth the story (the scene where Zac ‘gets it’ is a facepalm-inducing moment) and the kid is obnoxious little shit (not necessarily the actor Nicholas Hamilton’s fault, who does what he can with the turgid material). That privileged brat and his bitch slap-worthy ‘problems’ are stupendously aggrevating and wholly unnecessary. It’s also really frustrating to see Nixie being so out of character when she is with the kid. Normally Nixie would have looked the kid with that all-familiar ‘WTF is wrong with you’-look and told him to grow a pair. Not here. She behaves like…well, she behaves like Sirena. I hope she doesn’t get depressed in the future episodes. There is nothing wrong to try out and flesh out the characters some more, but it should be done by someone who knows how to write characters. Max Dann obviously can’t, not even for Nixie who is the best character on the show. Ivy latimer however can act, and she brings the goods for her somber scenes. Nice eye-acting there, Ivy.

Oh, and like an insult to injury, the story ends before the 23 minute mark so Sirena gets to sing again for no reason. Two facepalms in one episode.

Best scene: Nixie having a cool solitary moment at the dock. And then that whiny kid showed up.

Most memorable bit: Zac hilarious lack of knowledge when it comes to tridents (“what does this symbol mean..?).



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