Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 10: Zac Returns To Mako Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Chris Roache

Adventure time! Zac wants to investigate Mako Island and decides to travel there. Lyla insists on joining him, ignoring Sirena and Nixie’s advice. She steals Rita’s moon ring (that bitch!) in order to open the cave that holds answers to Zac’s condition. And that happens during the first half of the episode.

Bruce Wayne made the mistake of making the door switch to his secret batcave entrance look like book of The Fifty Shades Of Gray

Bruce Wayne made the mistake of making the door switch to his secret batcave entrance look like book of The Fifty Shades Of Grey.

You know what’s weird? I haven’t seen my kids since I stopped drinking. Maybe they’re at their mom’s place…

So anyway, Lyla still hides her mermaid-ness from Zac and instructs him to swim to the island while she takes the boat and meets up with him at the island. But she really doesn’t take the boat but swims there as well. What riveting drama we have going on here. When there, Zac and Lyla come up to the cavern entrance and try to figure out how to open the stone wall…

Zac gets distracted for a while.

Zac gets distracted for a while.

Meanwhile back at the Ocean Café, Sirena and Nixie are starting to suspect that Lyla’s gone rogue and decide to follow her. They borrow Curly-Joe’s boat for some reason and try to track the runaways.

Using Rita’s moon ring Lyla manages to open the cave door without Zac noticing her using magic. In the cave they come to yet another stone door, the same one Zac touched before he turned into a mermaid. This is some Harry Potter shit right here. Magic and stuff. Zac touches the door and it opens up to reveal a gravity-defying portal pool. Zac enters and turns into a merman. While underwater, he sees a trident floating in the water and is instantly lured towards it. But before he can grab it, Lyla calls him back.



Nixie and Sirena find them and they head home, where Rita has a stern talk to Lyla about thieving (remember kids, thievery is not a victimless crime). Zac decides he wants to make another trip to Mako and grab the trident that will most likely turn him into Underwater Satan. So now we wait for (what I assume) at least couple of episodes until Zac decides to make his move.

This episode was a huge tease. It really raises more questions about Zac’s role as the underwater human psychopath/mermaid-slaying overlord (I hope that’s the direction the show is going with!) and the show is giving the answers sparingly. The episode treated itself bigger than it had the right to. Nice try, guys. But next time give us the goods.

Best scene: Zac’s time in the magic pool.

Most memorable bit: Zac almost grabbed that trident of ultimate destruction (I assume)…



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