Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 9: The Siren

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Simon Butters

It’s funny that the episode is named “The Siren” obviously after Sirena, but the episode actually has very little Sirena in it. The episode concentrates mostly on David and Nixie, of all people. When Lyla hears Sirena’s singing she remembers that mermaids can hypnotize men with their singing and quickly hatches a plan where Sirena is supposed to sing to Zac and make him under their spell. Lyla still wants to get Zac’s powers away, you see. They go to the cafeteria and try the plan on David in order to see if the enchantment song works on “land men”. It works, if only too well. The siren’s song works like Cupid’s arrow, making the victim fall madly in love with the first woman he sees. That woman being Nixie.



Meanwhile the subplot revolves around Zac, where his girlfriend Evie confides in him that she will fail the upcoming test at school. Zac tries to be a good guy and deliver the answers of the test to Evie beforehand (now now, that’s cheating). He sneaks in principle Rita’s office and takes photos of the test. However he gets cornered when Rita walks into the…you know what, who cares? This side plot was really unoriginal and tedious so I’ll skip it.

"Tell me more!"

”Tell me more!”

So as you could guess, Curly-Joe goes gaga over Nixie and Lyla and Sirena try to find a cure for him. At first Nixie is repulsed by David’s advances (amusingly, she even throws up in her mouth a little bit when David spouts clichéd love quotes) but quickly sees there are advantages for having a guy blindly obeying your every request. David’s kind words start to affect Nixie however and she almost succumbs to him. Thankfully the other girls nix that situation.

Ivy Latimer is rough lover. The Thing from The Fantastic Four learned this the hard way.

Ivy Latimer is a rough lover. The Thing from The Fantastic Four learned this the hard way.

This was a filler episode saved by Ivy Latimer’s comic chops. I bet she had a blast playing the opportunist man-eater. She is really great here. And that’s pretty much it. The side plot was forgettable and the main plot didn’t move the story arc forward. This was rather entertaining as a filler. And that’s good for what it was. Moving on. Being sober sucks.

Best scene: Nixie taking advantage of poor Curly Joe.

Most memorable bit: Nixie with seafood.



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