Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 8: Zac’s Return To Mako

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Sam Carroll

Full moon is coming! Zac dreams about his first visit to Mako Island and the girls know that the full moon will affect Zac in some powerful way so they make up a plan to keep Zac indoors and out of sight of the moon. Zac agrees and they hope that his powers will go away after the full moon. Before the lockdown he hangs around the diner where he convinces Evie that he has to deal with some personal issues for the night and even almost manages to patch things up with his buddy Cam. And then he heads to his fortress of solitude.

Sirena volunteers to get some supplies for the upcoming night and goes to the diner hoping to meet up with Curly Joe (yeah, okay, I know he’s actually called David in the show. But honestly, who gives a crap about that dweep?). Their rendezvous ends on a sour note when Sirena has to decline Curly Joe’s date request. But who cares, Zac is about to lose his shit!

"Time to put on my game face!"

”Time to put on my game face!”

So basically the girls lock Zac up in his home and offer him support to last through the night without him being exposed to the moon. And Zac reacts to this like a junkie going through rehab. His palms sweat, he’s nervous and even tries to convince the girls that “he’s okay, really”. I can relate to him on many levels because I’ve been sober for the past two weeks. And let me tell you, it’s been weird. You try to be a middle-aged man with a severe alcohol dependency and have kids who have convinced you to stop drinking and replaced the sweet stupor of liqueur with watching episodes of a TV show telling a story of a trio of magical mermaids. It’s like masturbating with a Nintendo Power Glove: it’s sort of amusing but not really what it’s meant for. Anyways, back to the show. Zac’s climbing the walls until he finally can’t take it any longer and rips the curtains down from the window and he basks in the sweet embrace of the magically powered full moon. Then he goes full Sith and runs out the door and jumps into the ocean and heads to Mako Island.

Sirena found that the California Diet was effective if not delicious.

Sirena agreed that the California Diet was effective if not delicious.

The girls follow him and Lyla finds Zac wandering in the woods of Mako. Lyla tries to reason with Zac, but he is sort of hypnotized and gets angry at Lyla and (seriously, I’m not making this up) FUCKING FORCE PUSHES LYLA TO THE GROUND! Zac then proceeds to head for the Moon Pool but fortunately for the girls he arrives there a bit too late and the entrance closes shut before him. In the morning the girls find out that Zac doesn’t remember his trip to Mako but his powers have gained strength.



It’s obvious this episode wanted to raise the stakes and give the show some darkness. Evan Clarry finally gets to flex his directorial muscles and he enjoys playing with Zac’s dark side. Unfortunately the show once again pulls some punches at the end (Zac’s amnesia is SO not the way to go here) but the trip to Mako was a nice change of pace and hopefully the show has the balls to have some more edge when the season is over. Colour me intrigued.

And for the record, I’m okay, really.

Best scene: Zac’s rehab scene.

Most memorable bit: Zac going Anakin on Lyla. That scene had me spurt my tea through my nose.  Really.


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