Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure – Season 1, Episode 7: “Zac’s Pool Party”

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Michael Joshua

This week I’ve surprisingly been sober the whole time. Which is kind of fitting, because this week’s episode is pretty deep. Well, pretty deep for Mako Mermaids. Zac’s girlfriend Evie feels that her connection with Zac is fading so she decides to have a surprise party for him. For Zac’s dismay, it’s a pool party. For certain “finly” reasons Zac tries to get his buddy Cam to talk Evie out of it, but Cam is getting fed up with the whole cover up issue.

Like Forrest Gump, Cam gets weird sensations when he's alone with a girl.

Like Forrest Gump, Cam gets weird sensations when he’s alone with a girl.

I remember that I threw a pool party once and I had a great time, drinking kegs of beer and partying with some girls that were in the pool. I really was enjoying myself until the owner of the pool called the cops on me. For my defense, it was a very nice pool they had. Anyway, the mermaid trio finds out about the party and get invited to it, getting Lyla hopeful that she might get closer to Zac.

At the party Evie is trying to get Zac’s attention but Lyla constantly gets in the way, with a little help from her buddy Nixie. Eventually both Cam and Evie have had enough of Zac’s shenanigans which ends up in Evie giving him a warning about his cover-ups and Cam straight up blowing up in Aquaman’s face calling it quits and pushing Zac in a pool. Zac’s transformation is noticed by the Mermaids and Lyla gets finally Zac to confide in her.

Gentlemen, meet Gemma Forsyth. She's the one you aren't supposed to root for in this series.

Gentlemen, meet Gemma Forsyth. She’s the one you aren’t supposed to root for in this series.

This episode was really mostly about Zac and it’s good that the show moves his personal relationships forward. Cam’s jealousy is finally brought upfront and Evie finally emerges as a real character. She is actually a really sympathetic character and I like the way Gemma Forsyth plays her. She’s pretty down to earth type and it’s pretty sad to know that her character’s going to get the short end of the stick in the end. And seeing Carly drool over Curly-Joe is unrealistic. I’m sure in reality the actress Brooke Nicole Lee has a better taste in men. Like the kind of grown up men who write reviews of a kid’s show about mermaids.

"What? You mean that the guy who writes this review is unattainable?!"

”What? You mean that the guy who writes this review is unattainable?!”

In the end this episode was light on action, but had huge character moments and actual thought put in the psychology of the personalities involved. What the hell am I saying? I better start drinking again. I’m pretty sure that the kids hid my Southern Comfort somewhere…

Best scene: Evie giving a headstrong ultimatum to Zac. That’s some good acting right there.

Most memorable bit: Curly-Joe dancing with Sirena. They really shouldn’t dance. Ever,



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