(00)7 actors who should play a Bond villain

7 Bond Villains

This is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s just begin, ok?

Vincent Cassel


He’s extremely charismatic, he looks dangerous and he could portray a bond villain like no one else. His French background makes him look and sound unique. He would be best utilized as a lead villain who doesn’t need a right-hand man to do his dirty work. He’s classy like the best Bond villains and physically could take on Bond and perhaps even knock him out. But his pride and arrogance might be he’s only flaws, which enables Bond to rise as the ultimate victor.

Why? Look at this:

See? Classy and dangerous.

Stellan Skarsgård


This Swedish-born actor has a certain gravitas few actors have. He can play a smarmy asshole, likeable voice of reason or, in this case, a frightening essence of evil. His eyes portray an intensity that’s really captivating and if he’s onscreen the audience will pay attention on what he’s about to say or do. If they’re ever to remake The Spy Who Loved Me, this guy would be THE actor to play Stromberg. Speaking of that particular film…

Why? Look at this:

He is such a bad ass.

Jason Momoa


…what Bond films really need now is another Jaws. I don’t mean Jaws as the comic relief, that Richard Kiel ultimately ended up playing in Moonraker, but a recurring menacing enforcer who’d be physically impossible for 007 to defeat. Obviously this Hawaiian actor shouldn’t be made up to look like a monster but rather a clever and charming sociopath who has no trouble in dispatching both men and women. He has already played the bad guy in an average Stallone-actioner Bullet To The Head and he was easily the best part of the film. So he definitely has the chops for it.

Why? Look at this:

Stallone better beware, he’s gonna get his ass kicked!

Tommi korpelaville virtanen


These amazing Finnish actors both deserve to be on this list, so I included them both. Either one of them would be a great asset for a Bond film. They are both intense and intimidating and insanely mesmerizing on screen. I’d suspect they’d be hired for the right-hand man role, and that would be just dandy. James would definitely have a hard time with these two guys. Actually, you know what? They should fucking hire BOTH of them. I guarantee that they’d be one the most memorable pair of villains since Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd. You hear that, Sam Mendes?

Why? Look at these:

I love these guys.

Nicole Kidman


“What?”, you might ask. But hear me out. I think this would be a really good casting choice, because what Bond movies have been lacking is a memorable female main villain. Yes, Sophie Marceau did an okay job playing Elektra King in The World Is Not Enough (oops, spoilers… sorry about that), but that film was shit and  Elektra was a weak character. Nicole Kidman requires a solid character and oh boy would she chew the scenery (and poor James). She does the calculating ice queen role almost better than anyone and she’d be a perfect fit for a lady villain who’s in charge of a criminal organization. An organization like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. …no wait. About S.P.E.C.T.R.E. …

Why? Look at this:

Utterly terrifying, she is.

Ralph Fiennes


Now that the producers of the James Bond franchise have finally acquired back the rights to the name S.P.E.C.T.R.E.  they should start to re-introduce the viewers to Ernst Stavro Blofeld. And who’d be the best guy to lead this super-secret organization of evil? Well, Bond’s boss himself, the new M. You all know how well Ralph does the bad guy thingy so I’m not going to try and convince you in that regards. If they do include this twist in the future 007 films, remember who called it first. This guy.

Why? Look at this:

In that film he even feels like an M who’s gone off the deep end.



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