Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1, Episode 6: ”Dolphin Tale”

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Chris Roache

This week things are getting a bit more interesting. Lyla finally decides to stop trying to remotely suck Zac’s power. She devices a plan to befriend him in order to get as close as possible to him so it would easier to de-mermanize him. Sirena aims to help Lyla, but Nixie goes solo and decides to take a swim. Nixie is soon followed by motorboating Curly-Joe and his douchebag brother…Joe. Joe’s speedboat is equipped with a sonar and they’re able to keep up with torpedo-speed Nixie.

Robert De Niro method of acting works for some.

Robert De Niro method of acting works for some.

Lyla and Sirena force their friendship upon Zac and they tag along with Zac when he goes home. Lyla actually starts to enjoy Zac’s company and the seeds for romance are planted. When Nixie hides under Zac’s pier followed by Curly Joe and…Joe, Zac and Lyla’s bonding is cut regrettably short.

"I am Gozer the Gozerian. Choose the form of your destructor!"

”I am Gozer the Gozerian. Choose the form of your destructor!”

Hey, I actually liked this episode. I don’t know if it’s the booze talking or what, but this episode was action packed and the story progressed a lot. The idea that Lyla and Zac finally form a friendship is long awaited one and the show grows better because of it. Asshole Joe is also a good addition for the show, because what the show really needed is a villain. Again, there are few jaw-droppingly ridiculous moments, like the fact that Nixie knows how to speak dolphin. I feel sympathy for the talented actress undergoing such humiliating acting bits. I have earlier mentioned Ivy Latimer’s comedic talents and she once again proves to be the MVP of the show. The scene where she is charmed by Zac’s best friend Cam had me genuinely laughing because of her reaction. She’s golden.

Robert De Niro method for acting works also for exiting from a scene.

Robert De Niro method for acting works also for unwanted companions.

This was a really solid episode. The writer Chris Roache did a decent job keeping this episode tight and involving. I just hope they wouldn’t use the invisibility mode as often as they do for a device to get the girls out of sticky situation. I had a good time with this, and I’m hopeful for the future episodes. Or at least as long as the buzz doesn’t fade.

"I left the oven on!"

”I left the oven on!”

Best scene: Nixie’s escape from Joe’s speedboat.

Most memorable bit: Nixie’s embarrassing Dolphin speach. I’m so sorry for you, Ivy Latimer, you deserve better.




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