”Warm Bodies” Review

Ending shot

Director: Jonathan Levine

Writer: Same dude.

A friend shoved a DVD copy of this movie to me and told me to watch it, so I did. Here are my thoughts about the film. It’s based on a novel which I haven’t read, so I can’t compare the film on its source material.

What is it about? It’s about this zombie guy R (Nicholas Hoult) who falls in love with a human girl Julie (Teresa Palmer) while eating her boyfriend. He grabs freaked out Julie with her to his home at an abandoned commercial plane, where he tries to break the ice between them. Eventually they start to get along and even develop a decent friendship. Julie still wants to go home to his dad (John Malkovich, not giving a damn once again) who is the leader of their rag tag of survivors. R, who is literally starting to warm up to her helps Julie escape from his fellow zombies and also these skeleton monsters which are developed version of the undead, I guess.

R starts to slowly resemble more and more like human, even so far that he starts to dream again. But can he fully find the humanity in him, or is he doomed to walk the slouchy road of the undead?

There really was something About A Boy.

There really was something About A Boy.

What I like most about Warm Bodies is that it shows how the (SPOILERS!) zombie apocalypse ends. I mean, most zombie flicks only show the outbreak of the virus, or how humans try to cope during the desolation. Filmmakers rarely figure out how to end this scenario, but this one does it with envious ease. This would be the perfect way to say goodbye to all zombie flicks. I liked Nicholas Hoult a lot, I’m surprised to say. He resembles me of young Tom Cruise, and if he doesn’t fuck up in any major way, I wouldn’t be surprised that he’d be one of the hottest leading actors in the future. It’s his movie and the success of the flick rests on his shoulders, and I’m glad to say he pulls it off with flying colors (his zombie run is fucking adorable!). The best moments in the film are in his narration. The filmmakers use the narration sparingly, but Hoult narrates it perfectly.

The sex scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn was not what the fans expected.

The sex scene in Twilight: Breaking Dawn was not what the fans expected.

The rest of the actors do okay and the director has the good sense to shoot his scenes with patience and clarity. The soundtrack has some great song choices (you can never go wrong with M83’s Midnight City) and the movie is charmingly funny. It’s not that memorable in the end (the Romeo and Juliet riffing was pointless), but it’s solid enough. Yeah, I’d say this would be the perfect end to the era of zombie films. Zombies in television however….

Rating: +++½

Best Scene: The opening scene. Perfect.

Most memorable bit: R’s inner monologue when he sees Julie taking off her clothes. Nailed it.


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