Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure – Season 1, Episode 5: “Blizzard”

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Sam Carroll

The weather reports give a rainy forecast, so the girls are supposed to head back to Mako Island for the duration of the rain storm. But Lyla’s still so obsessed on Zac’s  powers that she persuades Sirena to stay at Rita’s house and beckons that they use Sirena’s moon ring to destroy the rain clouds. This once again doesn’t go according to their plans. They accidentally summon a cloud that rains snow inside Rita’s treasure room freezing their passage to Mako where Nixie is waiting for the other girls.

In the meantime, the rain storm is proving to be a nuisance to Zac as well. He is supposed to go out camping with his dad, but he can’t let his father know he turns into a merman when he gets wet. So he fakes his own illness which pisses off his daddy.

Sirena and Lyla develop this nasty rash which breaks out right before Curly Joe comes to Rita’s house. He sees the girls and calls Zac’s dad, who is a doctor. I got my severance pay today. I bought a lawnmover and teached my kids how to use it. They’re out there now mowing our neighbours’ lawns. I’m smart like that, see.

Their make up maybe flaking, but their smile still stays on.

Their make up maybe flaking, but their smile still stays on.

Anyway, Nixie heads back to Rita’s house who herself is at work and she guide’s Nixie to find a mysterious dragon statue inside her snowy treasure room. She successfully finds the statue and turns herself invisible and uses the magic inside the statue to heal Sirena and Lyla’s “snow rash” and everything ends on a happy note.

Breaking Bad on Nickleodeon...

Breaking Bad on Nickleodeon…

I like the idea that rainy days trap the girls inside. And that’s pretty much it. I didn’t like this episode a whole lot. The kids are at the door. I hope they got my favourite brand of Vodka…




Best scene: Nixie’s raincoated snow room assault.

Most memorable bit: Sirena’s inability to comprehend the use of phones.



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