Mako Mermaids: An H20 Adventure – Season 1, Episode 4: “Lyla Alone” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Simon Butters

In the previous episode it was revealed that Rita is a mermaid too. The girls find out that Rita was in love with a land human and was supposed to marry him. Rita dislikes the girls’ presence (they broke in her house, after all) and gives them one day to leave back to Mako Island. Lyla however still insists that Zac’s powers must be drained from him, so she goes after Zac. In the meantime, Nixie and Sirena decide to buy clothes for the first time and head to the Ocean Café, where Zac’s girlfriend Evie reluctantly services the girls. Eventually they follow Evie to a shoe store and Nixie ends up fighting Evie for a pair of shoes. I woke up this morning at the back of a gas station. I slept next to this homeless person. I have no idea how I got there. Last thing I remember I was with this girl, Shaniqua and she must’ve slipped something in my Jack. When I got home, little Jimmy and Vanessa made breakfast by themselves. However I had to dump all the food in the trash because don’t like my eggs over easy. Kids are stupid.

Lyla follows Zac to the café, where she tries to pour some water on the poor waterboy. This backfires, when Hot Carly accidentally bumps with Lyla making her spill her water on herself. She quickly runs to the storage room before she transforms into the bacon wearing mermaid. There she tries to waterbend the moisture off her. She’s interrupted several times by Hot Carly, Curly Joe and Robert Trujillo, who is a plumber for some reason.

The set was finally chosen for the boys' first porn movie.

The set was finally chosen for the boys’ first porn movie.

Eventually Nixie and Sirena find Lyla lying on the floor. Nixie smuggles Lyla out while Sirena distracts the cafeteria patrons by sitting on the counter and SINGING A FUCKING SONG! They get back to Rita and tell her that they will leave in the morning. Rita however decides to put stop on her bitchery and lets the girls stay at her place and basically becomes their mentor on Dryland.

Wendy finally sees what evil lurks in the hallways of the Overlook Hotel

Wendy finally sees what evil lurks in the hallways of the Overlook Hotel

This was the weakest episode yet, concentrating on shoe shopping and draining of Zac’s powers. The writers better come up with something better soon, or I’ll have to start to watch some other kids shows about mermaids like Game Of Thrones, American Horror Story or The Wire…wait. What? THose are NOT about mermaids! WHAT THE FU–

Best scene: The girls in the change room. And that was pretty weak too.

Most memorable bit: Hot Carly.



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