20 Year Anniversary: Revisiting X-Files -Season 1, Episode 2: “Squeeze”

To commemorate the 20 years since the X-Files saw the light of day I decided to rewatch all the episodes and share my opinions and thoughts the episodes provoke.

Ending shot

Season 1, Episode 2: ”Squeeze”

Director: Harry Longstreet                                            

Writer: Glen Morgan & James Wan

Ok, it’s time for the show to have its first Monster-of-the-week -episode. And it’s okay, I guess. Scully’s having dinner with his old colleague Tom Colton (Donal Logue) and Colton seems to think that the X-Files unit is a joke and mocks Mulder to her. She doesn’t stand up to him, but rather seems to think she sort of agrees. This is interesting. Colton then suggests that Scully helps with a case he’s working on, namely a bizarre murder of a businessman. Scully accepts and talks Mulder to join in. When examining the murder scene, Mulder notices a stretched fingerprint on the front of a small ventilation shaft.

Conan O'Brien's ginger convention was not a great success.

Conan O’Brien’s ginger convention was not a great success.

Eventually they apprehend their suspect, an unusual fellow named Eugene Tooms (smarmy Doug Hutchinson). He passes the polygraph test and is set free against Mulder’s suspicion. Mulder and Scully continue to gather evidence against Tooms and find out that there’s a possibility that Tooms is the same person that did similar killings 30 years ago, and another 30 years before that.

This weeks creature: Link from Zelda, motherfuckers!

This weeks creature: Link from Zelda, motherfuckers!

It is revealed that Tooms hibernates for thirty years and then consumes human livers in order to survive. Tooms also has the skill to fit himself in any space, meaning he can squeeze himself through basically anything. The practical effects of his squeeze scenes are very well done and they are the best thing this episode’s got going for it.

Otherwise it’s a pretty average episode. The killer is not that especially interesting, and besides his stretchy capabilities he’s actually quite bland. The real meat of the episode is Scully’s arc of letting go of her shame while working with Mulder. You see, Scully’s been intimidated and ridiculed by her peers for working with Spooky Mulder and she can’t figure out how Mulder seems not to be affected by his dismissing colleagues in the way she is. In the end she chooses to defend to Mulder and there’s a great scene when Scully finally stands up against Colton for berating Mulder. It’s almost as standing up to bully at school for picking on the nerdy kid. That’s a message I really appreciate.

No joke, just incredibly hot.

No joke, just incredibly hot.

So how was the episode? Decent. Was it vampires next?

Best scene: Scully standing up to Colton.

Most memorable bit: Tooms’ way of going down a chimney.

Rating: +++

Mulder: Do you think I’m spooky?



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