Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1 Episode 3: ”Meeting Rita” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Max Dann

School is in session! The girls decide they want to suck Zac dry and drain away his powers after all, so they decide to follow Zac into his school. There the girls attend to Zac’s biology class and get nauseated by an Indian man. The attempt to steal Zac’s magic backfires getting Zac wet and he runs away before anyone sees his transformation into a manfish. Rita, the principal of the school however notices the mermaids’ presence and has a little chat with them at her office.

"Dat ass."

”Dat ass.”

Speaking of schools, I got a phone call from little Jimmy’s teacher. She told me that my 10-year old has been lying naked on the kitchen floor wiping himself dry with large amount of kitchen paper. That’s funny because on this episode Zac did the exact same thing. I watched this episode three times with the kids, because I passed out before the end credits and I had to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But still, I don’t see the connection.

But I digress. Principal Rita gives the trio a real tough interrogation. The girls are almost in the clear when Rita sees the magic ring on Sirena’s finger which was given to her by her sister Aquata before the pod (a group of mermaids is called that, it seems) abandoned the trio. Rita gets shocked and confiscates the ring and kicks the girls out from the school. Sirena is devastated and wants the ring back.

The sight of an unshaved pussy devastates the untrained peeping toms.

The sight of an unshaved pussy devastates the untrained peeping toms.

The girls follow Rita to her place (a pretty hefty house for a principal’s salary, I might add) and straight up commit a felony by breaking in. After a silly bit where the girls get scared of a housecat and sniff Rita’s blanket (…) they stumble on to a trap door which leads them into Rita’s batcave. The cave has a secret pool connected to the sea, and don’t you know it, Rita’s revealed to be (what a twist!) a mermaid too! Not since Fight Club have I been so totally floored with such clever ending surprise.

This was a pretty weak episode. The school setting is promising, but nothing good comes out of it. Also there’s a stupid scene where the girls go crazy for a household cat. Actually the only good thing in this episode is (once again) Ivy Latimer’s comedic chops. She’s definitely the best asset the show’s got. And also there was a glimpse of this hot blonde chick at the school. Maybe we’ll get more of her in the future.

Best scene: The break-in.

Most memorable bit: That girl in pink.

Hi there. What's your name. Looking forward to see you again, I hope.

Hi there. What’s your name, sweet thing? Looking forward seeing you again soon, I hope.



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