Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure – Season 1 Episode 2: ”Getting Legs” Review

Mako Titles

Director: Evan Clarry

Writer: Anthony Morris

Abandoned by their flock (herd, colony, legion, murder?) of mermaids, our heroines Sirena, Nixie and the one with the Wilford Brimley eyebrows plan to take away Zac’s newly gained magic powers that turn him into Aquaboy when his legs touch water. In order to find him they use Sirena’s vending machine magic ring to turn them into land humans.

Dude, your morning wood is blocking my porn!

Dude, your morning wood is blocking my porn!

Meanwhile Zac’s finny secret is threatened because he is supposed to work as a lifeguard. Getting consulted by his best mate Cam Zac goes to work and tries to avoid getting into the water. I added Ginger Ale to my Gin and it’s delicious! My kids are asking why daddy is drinking and watching mermaids at 10 am. Kids don’t understand shit.

The Godfather decided that during the recession the fish would be more economic than the horse.

The Godfather decided that during the recession a fish would be more economic than a horse.

Anyway the mermaid trio get their land legs and after stealing some guy’s clothes that somehow fit perfectly the girls start to search for Zac-Attack. There’s actually a decently funny scene where the girls try to learn to walk properly with their new legs. The three actresses get to mimic the Ministry of Silly Walks sketch and they do pretty well with the physical comedy, especially Ivy Latimer (Nixie). Eventually they find Zac at the beach, where Zac is forced to go into the water to save a little kid who can’t fucking swim (see, kids don’t understand anything, not even water). The girls watch in amazement as Zac does his Baywatch thing and saves the girl. Zac realizes that his ability to turn into a fish works for his advantage and decides to embrace his super powers. The girls decide not to destroy Zac and let him keep his powers, because he seems like a nice guy.

I guess I have to tune in for the third episode as well. I want to know how the girls react to their vaginas and assholes. And the stuff that comes out of them…

Best scene: The wobbly walk.

Most memorable bit: The wobbly walk.



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